[PAID] Disqus-like WordPress plugin for commenting below blog posts

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Discourse is really great as a forum, but I would like my readers to be able to comment directly below my WordPress blog post without being redirected to Discourse. Disqus is doing a great job with this. I already have Discourse setup on https://discussion.thingstodoinbali.com (self-hosted).

This is how the comments look like with the WP Discourse plugin:

This is how I expect it to look like: (same as on Discourse)

When the user clicks the reply button the social logins or email login can be used (already setup in Discourse):

I don’t know how difficult this is to do. A simple iframe doesn’t work, since iframes are not supported with Discourse. My budget is about 150 USD. Please let me know if someone is interested in this and if it is doable with my budget. Otherwise I may have to stick to Disqus for now. Thanks a lot for consideration.


I’ve actually made a WP plugin for someone here which allows commenting below Posts.

It started with a basic plugin which uses WP Discourse template and essentially insert the WP textarea. Simple but you have no controls about it. Probably not what you want.
Later, I made a “pro” version which integrates fully with any WP theme (admin, moderation, etc.). It’s basically the same as a normal comments section with the difference each comment is synced to Discourse (it requires way more work than it sounds like) and that you have more features.

I did not made this public because I need to rewrite it (code more modern, robust, and integrate more Discourse features ; I was kind of new on WP plugins at this point).
My client still uses it but he has specific usage and never play with the options and also I had to adjust code based on his needs. It’s working enough well as it is for him.

If you are interested, I can send you some version to test.

Speaking of iframe, the same client asked me to create a standalone page to replace topic in iframe. Because it kind of work, but Discourse is heavy and does a lot of unnecessary background operations making few things buggy with others stuff. The standalone page uses SSO to login, looks the same visually and has more or less the same features. It’s static though, no magic update in the background, but it’s light, can be integrated everywhere and works like Discourse.

Still WIP, no ETA. Let me know if you want to hear news about it.

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Why not share a screencast or example site showing it in action?

@Arkshine I’m very very interested in this, as well, and would love to see a demo of it in action.

Dear @Arkshine, thanks a lot for your comment. Sorry for the late reply, I have been away for a couple of days. Both solutions sound definitely interesting. If you have a link where I could see it in action or a demo that I could use with my current WordPress setup that would be great. Basically I am very happy with the way Discourse works as a standalone software. If people would have the same/similar functionality below blog posts, that would be great. Especially the part that shows some stats about the comments is really well done in Discourse (created, last reply, views, likes, links etc.)

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