[PAID] Show Discourse comment box in Wordpress and better WP Discourse integration


I’m currently testing the WP Discourse plug-in with my Wordpress blog. Although it works quite well there are some additional things I would like:

  1. Add a comment box below my Wordpress blog posts. WP-Discourse only shows a hyperlink to the Discourse forum to post comments. It would be great if people could comment directly to Discourse from Wordpress, in much the same way as native Wordpress comments work. Ideally the comment box would look similar to my theme’s native Wordpress comment box or Disqus. An option to sign-up or login should be shown to unauthenticated visitors.

  2. Integrate the WP Discourse comments so they match my Wordpress theme. At the moment the default WP Discourse comments don’t share the same layout or style as my Wordpress theme. I’d like someone to help with making the Discourse comments look native and fully integrated with my Wordpress site.



Hi, I can help you, I will send you a PM.


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