DNS validation for Let's Encrypt?

I’m wanting to install Discourse on a private network that won’t be accessible from the Internet, but I still want to set it up with Let’s Encrypt SSL. I’ve used DNS validation for a number of other hosts on this network, and it works well using either acme-dns (preferred) or Cloudflare’s DNS API. I can think of two possible ways to handle this:

  • (preferred) Can the standard Docker container installation be configured to use DNS validation with Let’s Encrypt?

  • If not, is there a way I can point the Discourse container to a cert/key somewhere in the filesystem, and cause it to reload when a new cert is generated?

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Anything is possible. You should be able to make changes inside the container to have acme do that. I’m not aware of any instructions that describe the process. You can ./launcher enter app and make changes that will stay in effect until you rebuild the container. You can also add stuff to app.yml that will make those changes on rebuild, but you’re far afield from a supported installion then.


Thanks, the link you gave looks like it should do the trick. I have a follow-up question, but it’s probably better in that topic.

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