Do I need to install NGINX and PHP to optimize my Discourse forum?

Hello everyone!

I just started my Discourse journey yesterday.

To give you a brief overview, I don’t have any computer background as I work in healthcare. Nevertheless, I studied during my 4-day off and was able to setup a 2 droplets: 1 with a LEMP (MariaDB) stack and 1 with Discourse installed via docker. Much to my surprise, everything went well and I had learned a lot despite almost maxing out my brain cells.

As I was browsing the settings of my Discourse, I saw a note on the “max image size” and “max attachment size” saying that the configuration needs to be adjusted in NGINX and PHP. I was able to do this on my droplet with a LEMP stack for a website, but seeing that I don’t have NGINX and PHP installed on my Discourse droplet, does it mean that the values I put in those categories automatically become the defined limits? Or do I need to install another LEMP stack on this droplet to optimize the setup?

Your expertise on this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you and have a wonderful day guys!

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Hello! Welcome to Discourse Meta! :wave: :discourse:

I’m not sure about Discourse Docker’s Nginx default configuration, I’ll take a look and see if I can find anything :thinking:

Although it is certainly possible to install Nginx and put it in front of Discourse, and perhaps with some adjustments you can achieve what you want

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Is this any use?

NGINX is already inside the container for a standard install. :+1:


@Alexander Thanks for your input. Let me know if you find something.

@JammyDodger Wow! I’ll definitely try it out after work. Thanks a lot!

Btw, if I’m solely dedicating this droplet for Discourse, is there any benefit to installing a LEMP stack on it or will it be fine on it’s own?


No, there isn’t. It would actually make things a lot more complicated for you.

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Thanks for confirming this. Have a great day!

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