Do I need to rebuild when my domain name changes?

Sorry for restarting an old thread. But my question is can you use Discourse in a main directory? e.g. (I have it like this)? Because there are images which are not showing up because they are using the url (

Sounds like you have your hostname improperly defined then… (in your app.yml – make sure you do a ./launcher rebuild app after changing it)


Awesome! I’ve changed it just don’t know how to rebuild it because I enter it and it just keeps creating a new line lol

you should be in /var/discourse and then run that command, be sure to have the entire command

./launcher rebuild app

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Below is what I’m seeing, do I save the file before I rebuild it?

Yes, you need to press CTRL + X to exit, it will ask you about saving.

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I’m getting permission denied, so now I believe I need to change the file permissions, how and what do I change them to?

No, just use sudo.

sudo nano containers/app.yml (save your changes)
sudo ./launcher rebuild app


That worked! Thank you


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