Do not allow users to unhide an inapproprite post until after it was edited

Sometimes an inappropriate post is triggering to many users. Even if it is hidden, we see many people unhide it and reply to it anyway. Before we know it we have 10 posts of heated discussion mixed in with the intended discussion, and we have to start deleting about 10 posts to finally get people back on topic. Deletion then further angers them, as they have already formed an opinion and feel it is getting censored.

One thing which might help here is to disable the possibility of unhiding a post until it has been edited when a post has been flagged as inappropriate.

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You can hide it via CSS but you would need to ask an admin to implement this change for you.

.topic-body a.expand-hidden {
    padding-left: 11px;
    display: none;

This is the result

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Of course we could do that. But I am curious, should we consider making this default behavior for discourse? Do others also experience this kind of derailment and is this the preferred solution?

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