Do Trust Levels still exist?

  1. Are Trust Levels still a thing?
  2. If they exist, how do I see my own level? e.g. on this very

I ask because on another Discourse forum the mods are saying “just use the message button!” and showing images of it, whereas the users can’t see that button, and it made me curious if the users in question (including myself) were too untrustworthy right now.

If you click on your profile, you will see there is an expand button. After pressing that, you can see your trust level

As a new user, you cannot PM another user (if the requirements are not altered from the OG ones), that is why you can not PM a user yet. Once you get to TL1, you’ll earn this ability.

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Are you talking about my profile summary?

Or clicking my profile on a message here and on the ‘card’ that pops up?

In neither place can I see an expand button, or anything to do with trust level!

Am I too low-level to even see my own level? :slight_smile:

In your profile, next to Views, you should see Trust Level. You will have to enter your profile to see that though, as the user card does not include TL (only the badge).

Ah, I see it on the summary now, sorry!

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Sorry, I was blind to the “expand” button, despite specifically scouring the summary page.

Why does that even exist? All it does is make my avatar slightly bigger and hides useful information?

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Once you click expand, you should see:

  • your profile information
  • stats, like your TL, last seen, email, last post, etc…

It’s just a feature that hides the aforementioned things, so you can browse throughout your profile easily.

That sounds like PMs are disabled, because staff can always PM even if messaging is disabled for everyone else in the site settings.

Also, TL0 users can’t send PMs but I don’t think that’s the case for you?

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