How can users see their next trust level requirements?

We are considering making users’ trust levels more visible, on each post- two stars for trust level 2, etc. However this will make users ask “why am I not trust level 3?”. As an admin, I can see my own TL requirements, but I can’t see other users’ TL requirements, and I don’t think they can see their own, either.

Specifically, I can see my own TL requirements on the admin page

How can other users see their own TL requirements?

Hello Mark :smiley:

Users cannot see how far they are from the next trust level on your site. However, they can visit Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog to see the default requirements. If you have changed the trust level settings then it won’t reflect the blog and you will have to tell users. Usually we don’t tell people what they need to do to get to the next trust level to prevent them farming for it. I recommend you watch this video on trust levels.

have a nice day