Do users with PMs disabled still receive notifications from past PMs?

Hello. Apologies if this isn’t the right thread category to post in. I know another user that has this user setting enabled.


We talk and like each others posts daily on a different Discourse forum than this one. However, I sent a recent PM, but was given no reply so far from that user, who, I want to clarify, is on good terms with me, mutually.

My question is, when I posted in some of our older, previously created PMs, I also gained no reply and I was wondering does those who have the allow PM setting disabled, do they still gain notifications from those PMs? I can contact them elsewhere on other platforms, but I’m hesitant to do so, because I don’t wish to appear as a wannabe-spammer, stalkerish or even plain rude and lacking in manners and common courtesy.

Hi There,

If a user has disabled the “Allow Other Users to Send Me Personal Messages” setting on their preferences page, and then another user responds to an old PM that was originally to, from, or including this user, the user should still receive a notification that they received a reply to an existing PM. This setting essentially just prevents a user from receiving new PMs from other users. Staff users will still be able to send users PMs regardless of this setting.


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