Do you use AI Summaries?

:information_source: Context

AI summaries have been out for some time now. We’ve seen some early feedback but wanted to revisit the discussion. As we are thinking about investing in further development of AI Summaries, I’m trying to understand user feedback starting with us right here in Meta

Are you using AI Summaries here and in your communities?

  • Yes, all the time
  • Sometimes, depending on the topic
  • No, it’s not useful for me
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:speaking_head: Feedback

Feel free to speak your mind and be honest. Some guiding questions I’m interested in knowing…

  • How often are you using it?
  • How useful is the generated summary? do you find it accurate to what you’ve read?
  • Do you find it easy to access?
  • If no, why?

I would say “no” but I think the language in the poll is a bit presumptive. It’s not a conscious decision on my part. It’s moreso that in the context where it could be useful, I’ve yet to organically think “oh yeah I should use AI summarization”


My issue is two folded:

  • language; english isn’t working language on my forum even practically everyone can read it
  • I can’t tune system prompt, because now it is quite often too long, too hallucinated and/or there is unrelevant things

I can go around language barrier, though. I will ask a GPT that uses same model than summarising something in finnish, coming back and now if I generate summary it will be in Finnish.


I use it once every few days. As a moderator, I read every topic. However, the summaries are not always useful for me but are created for others.

At times very useful, at other times it would miss critical information. The summaries sometimes percolate up the noise rather than the signal. If I really need information I don’t rely on the summaries to help me decide, I read the entire topic as there may be a diamond in the rough and the summary will miss it.

I often use GPT-4-based summaries, and since they update the models periodically, there are instances when it appears that the language model is struggling to comprehend the topic.

Not always. Since I read many posts, often when I return to a post, I find myself at the bottom of the topic rather than at the top where the button is. This often requires me to scroll to the top to access the button. It would be more convenient to have it also located at the bottom.


I do understand hallucinations, language support and accessibility can be big deterring factors from using it at all

On the point of the LLM not comprehending and/or giving incorrect responses, perhaps smaller and more concise summaries might help combat some of that :thinking:

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