Docker Manager - remote commit hash should diff vs the installed version

Just had a bit of a brainwave regarding the Docker Manager.

At present, when you see an update in the Docker Manager, you have the option of clicking on the commit hash of the new version:

I would expect this to compare against the version currently installed, however, it seems to compare against tests-passed. What this means is that when you click on it, you see this:

I’m sure you can agree that this isn’t particularly helpful. What I would propose instead is that clicking on the new commit hash should compare vs the installed version.


Click the one under the repo name, that does exactly what you are seeking.


I am aware of this, but why have a hyperlink on the remote version that always goes to a dud compare page? I realise it is trying to be helpful and does so when you click on the installed commit, but this helpfulness doesn’t carry over to the latest commit.

It should either go to the commit summary, or it should diff vs the installed version. Otherwise it just shouldn’t be a link.


This, this is where I would think it should go. It should summarize the commit the remote version is on. Primarily because it is a descriptor of the remote server, not the local version, but that is just my opinion.