Docker versions and updates for various installation methods

I should probably post this on StackExchange…

I’m working on a fully-automated Discourse install app. The quick-and-dirty solution I’m working on right now attempts to run the same install script that I use right now for my installs by starting it with nohup. The problem is that it hangs when doing

   wget -qO- | sh

It works fine if there is a terminal, but not with nohup. (I think that apt is somehow killing the script, so that’s another story, but this is still interesting.)

This has lead me to consider other means for installing Docker.

  • gives you version 17.04.0-ce
  • ubuntu’s stock apt install version 1.12.6
  • a site I set up two years ago, version 1.9.1 (even after apt upgrade)
  • Docker’s apparently recommended method, version 17.03.1-ce

It looks like Ubuntu’s version works, and presumably they’ll continue to have a reasonably safe version, so that’s what I’m leaning toward right now.


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Well, you definitely don’t want 1.12 or 1.9.1. Whatever gives you the right (current) version with no weird filesystem issues is what I recommend.