Documents on emails settings?

When the digest email is sent, it is sent to inactive users. What are the parameters to determine a inactive user?

Are there are docs on the email setting definitions?

Has not been on the website in 7 days. I believe this is a site setting @neil?

Go to settings and search for “digest.”

The one that you probably want has a confusing name: delete digest email after days, described as “Suppress summary emails for users not seen on the site for more than (n) days.” The default is 365.

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Pretty sure that is incorrect, no way that has delete in the name.

I suspect that, at one time, at least, all digests were generated, and before they were sent out, they were deleted for people that shouldn’t get them. At least, that’s the story I made up to make this name make sense.

That is a very bizarre site setting name @neil…

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I don’t know where that setting name comes from, but this topic is full of misinformation. :confounded: The answer is simple.

Users can set when they get digest emails in their preferences.

And site settinsg has default:

This setting does not answer the OPs question, the setting you are showing him deals with users who have not been on the site in a very long time, e.g. the users that we stop sending summary emails to over time because they have not been on your site for more than a year (the default).

In other words, if 52 weekly digests don’t convince a user to log in and visit your website, it is super unlikely that 53rd or 150th weekly email summary is gonna magically do the trick either.

(still, it is badly named @neil)

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Oh. I did misunderstand the OP. He wants to know who does get Digests, not who does not. :blush:

Got renamed with another site setting… Fixed now :strawberry:


As far as I understand, the actual criterion is not user has not been on the site for this time, but
user has neither been on the site nor received a notification mail for this time.

I don’t think so; I think visiting the site is the criteria.

I’m not entirely sure how last_emailed_at works, but I think it is bumped when a notification mail is sent. It is checked before sending a digest:


Actually, that code checks last_emailed_at before generating a digest and now makes sure that if another digest …err… summary is created before the last-queued one gets sent, only one is sent.