Does deleting a category delete all the posts in that category?

If a category has a bunch of posts in it, and I delete that category, what happens to the posts? Do they get deleted too or do they automatically move to ‘Uncategorized’ or ‘Archive’?

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It is not possible to delete a category that has topics in it. If you try to do that, you will see a popup error message:

You need to re-categorize a category’s topics before you can delete the category. The easiest way to re-categorize the topics is to click the bulk selection button from the category’s topic list and select the topics that you want to move:

Once you have selected the topics, click the Bulk Actions admin wrench:

In the modal window that opens, select “Set Category”:

A new modal window will open that allows you to set a new category for the topics. You’ll see in my screenshot above that I did not move the “About the board games category” topic. The “About” topic is a special topic that is automatically created by Discourse for each category. You do not need to remove this topic before deleting the category.