Does Discourse accept TGS files?

But on upa and send this file to discourse, it does not appear, only GIFS files appear

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You can enable whatever extensions you need on the settings.


I went to the settings and set TGS to be accepted, but when I send it in the emoji session, the file does not appear

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You can upload files but Discourse does support using them for images as they seem to be a Telegram proprietary format.


In the emoji session, I can’t send emoji with webm extension?

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Lottie is TGS?

Discourse only accepts GIF? What other gif-like but lighter extension does Discourse accept?

I tried to put webm, but when embedding, the gifs embed with the player, as if they were videos, they don’t stay as gifs


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The feature request for Lottie stickers is Plugin for animated stickers


Hello, I’m using google translator and sometimes the translation is strange for me, so if I install this plugin can I use the stickers in that extension?

Is this the link to install the plugin?

GitHub - TelegramMessenger/bodymovin-extension: Bodymovin-tg — After Effects extension for exporting Telegram animated stickers.

No, that plugin isn’t for discourse.

Telegram animated emoji aren’t currently supported.

And WebM, does Discourse support it? Is there any plugin that runs WebM in Discourse as a gif in the emojis session?

I understand that you want to have either animated stickers or animated emojis.

For file uploads, Discourse supports webp by default, including animated ones.

As for emojis, it supports animated gif and png, but not webp (either animated or not). Plus, the emoji would have the same size as the other emojis.
Example: :blob_wave:

Supporting webp format for emojis could be a feature request. But they won’t be stickers (mostly talking about the dimensions).


it appears that the format limitation is only (or partially) set client-side when uploading an emoji.

Changing accept=".png,.gif" for accept=".png,.gif,.webp" works, and saves a perfectly valid webp emoji (animated or not).

I’ll open a feature request about this. :slight_smile:

edit: Accept more file extensions for emojis (jpg, webp...)