Does Discourse Support a Wiki Template Like Feature?

Hello all,

My apologies if this question has been answered in a different topic, or if there is a better place to post this.

I wondering if Discourse supports similar functionality to Wiki Templates, in which a user can define a page (in Discourse terms a topic), which can then been embedded and “transcluded” into another topic?

An quick example to illustrate would be the following:

Suppose I have a table which I would like to display on multiple different topic.


This table will have some data which is regularly updated, and in order to keep all pages where it is included updated, I would like to create a single source of truth “Template Topic”, which I can modify and all other topics will be updated the next time the page is refreshed or loaded.

In the wiki world, I would be able to create a “Template:HelloWorldTable” page, and then on any other page I wanted to I could just add {{HelloWorldTable}} into may page, and I could now just update my template page an all other pages would be updated.

Does Discourse support anything like this, or is there a plugin out there which supports this?

I have seen some topics on other sites suggesting using things like <iframe> to accomplish this task, but that feels a little bit like overkill and could potentially raise some security risks to inject external content into a topic. Ideally this could all be self contained inside of Discourse if possible.

I have also seen documentation around creating Topic Templates, but that seems very focused on standardizing all new topics which are create. This theoretically “HelloWorldTable” would not need to be displayed globally for all topics, just a select few were the user wants to include the table.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, and let me know if you have any other questions.