Does enable_staged_users break anonymous incoming emails?

Continuing the discussion from Can I turn off staged users?:

Sorry to re-open this conversation so soon, but what will this do to the configuration where a category is configured with the “Accept emails from anonymous users with no accounts” option enabled and a value for “Custom incoming email address”? Previously, this would allow non-users to email in to a category. I hope this change didn’t break that …

Any ideas?

PS: In the future it would be nice to leave the discussion open for a little longer than 6 hours after designing and implementing a new feature for follow up questions. :wink:

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Are you finding it broken in practice or is this blue sky daydreaming :wink: ?

You can see the “enable_staged_users” as a global setting and “Accept emails from anonymous users with no accounts” as a per-category setting.

If the global setting is disabled, the per-category setting will not work.


Thanks … I had a hunch that would be the case.

But now we have two UI settings that are tied but without any visual indication.

Personally my preference would be for these two things (staged users and anonymous incoming email) to be unlinked like they were “before”, but it seems like at a minimum the anon email setting should be disabled if the staged users are disabled globally.

I agree, the setting should be hidden in the edit category dialog.

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