Does it make sense to use Discourse on any server or is it with the hosting service Discourse provides?

hello, I’m very new to discourse and I couldn’t decide anything. To use Discourse, should I keep it on the same server as my web application that I wrote with react, or should I use it with discourse hosting? Which would be to my advantage, both financially and technically.

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That’s dealing with two different considerations at the same time, I suggest breaking that down:

1. Hosting

Decide if you want experienced professionals to host your Discourse securely without having to be responsible for as much maintenance. If you have significant technical skill that may not be necessary, but you may choose to do so to cut down on the time you need to invest.

2. Technical Architecture

If you do want to host it yourself, you can choose to host it on a separate VPS (nice and simple, official install), or use the same server (non-standard multi-site install, more complex).


If you have a over provisioned server and extra technical expertise to go with it, then you can find topics about how to do that. If you’re asking the question, then you’ll probably be happier running it on its own server (or paying for hosting).

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