Does "" support Discourse?

(that guy) #1

I’m in the process of choosing host for my website, but I need it to support Discourse. I will probably choose if they support Ruby and/or other required stuff.

Anyone know something about this?

(Del Boy Trotter) #2

Just use digital ocean?

(that guy) #3

I never really understood what that does… Can you explain that to me?

(Del Boy Trotter) #4

It’s a hosting solution. There is also

(that guy) #5

So you have to use those hosting services? What if I want to embed it into another page?

(Del Boy Trotter) #6

I think you need to accustom yourself with discourse a little more and its associated technology.

It installs through docker - so you can bung it on your nans fridge if it supports it.

(Del Boy Trotter) #7

Perhaps put more of your specific requirements, what you’ve tried, what you want etc

(that guy) #8

I just wanted to know if I could deploy it there, nothing else.

Oh, I could just use an iframe to embed it in my website! Smart :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks anyway, @Del_Boy_Trotter

(Craig Davison) #9

Nope it’s not possible to run on As @Del_Boy_Trotter said, try using, or another cheap vps provider.

(Kane York) #10

Nope, Discourse requires a Docker-compatible VPS server. (This rules out some virtualization technologies, and some providers that have a too-old kernel AND don’t let you change it.)

(Mikkel Høgh) #11

To be completely clear, there’s no way, no how to run Discourse on They’re one of those bargain basement PHP hosting services, which are almost impossible to use for modern web applications (they still support FTP for file uploads, although they’ve phased out their support for classic ASP by now).

(Del Boy Trotter) #12

The sound like a fricking nightmare!!