Can I host a discourse forum on 000 web host?

(Cody Mitchell) #1

Hi all,

I have the free version of 000 web host and was wondering whether I could host Discourse there?
If there is a way - could you please give me a step by step way to do it?
I am new to all this stuff (so if you could use simple terms that would be great!)

Also, if there is anything else I should know about discourse, please let me know.

Thanks a heap!

(Matt Palmer) #2

Maaaaybe. Do they allow you to run Docker containers? If so, that’ll make it fairly straightforward. If not, you may be able to shoehorn it in if they support running Rails apps with a PostgreSQL database and Redis, but direct installation is unsupported and the amount of help you’ll be able to get if problems arise will be severely limited. Finally, if they’re a typical “shared host” and really only support static sites and PHP, you’re out of luck, I’m afraid.

(Cody Mitchell) #3

Thanks for your reply,
As I said I am really new at this (and as a result only half understand what you are talking about :grinning:).
Could you give me any advice on what moves would be best?
If not that’s fine! :wink:

(Stephen) #4

Could you tell us what is included in their free hosting? We can probably better advise you if you can be slightly more specific.

If it’s these guys then no, their free tier lacks most of what Discourse relies on.

(Cody Mitchell) #5

Yeah ok - that is them.
Can you suggest a free web host that would work with Discourse?
Thanks for your help.

(Matt Palmer) #6

I doubt there is one. Discourse is a non-trivial piece of software, so most of the freebie web hosts won’t want anything to do with it. You get what you pay for, after all.

(Cody Mitchell) #7

ok thanks for your help :smile:
I’ll need to look into another forum software (I am running a ‘non-profit’ education site and need a free one)
Thanks anyway!

Is there a completely free way to install Discourse?