How to get a password from database?

Hello! When I’m install Discourse (Docker) I don’t view what password set from my database.
I need it because I want use remote connect to database and I think Discourse set one password for all dockers image.

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Hi moschino :wave:,

I don’t know much about technical stuff, but I think when you’re inside the container you can connect to the database using the username discourse without any password.

Let me know if that helps:

./launcher enter app
su - discourse
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Why do you want to do that? Usually the data explorer is a better way to do that.

By default the database isn’t exposed to a port.

If you really want to expose your database to the world, reinstall with a two container setup (discourse-setup --two-container). If easiest to do it on a new server but topics exist for how to change over.

It’s almost certainly a bad idea. Use data explorer or the API.