Doesn't work: subscribe for topics in the category with a specific tag

I think there is smth wrong with the system of notifications. I don’t know how is it called within Discourse.

I can subscribe for new topics in a category, like on this page:


I can subscribe for new topics with a specific tag, like on this page:


But I can’t track topics within a category with a specific tag. In this case the system tracks the topics with this tag with all categories


I checked it and unfortunately, the system can’t track topics within the category that used a specific tag.

Isn’t it a bug?

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I don’t think it is a bug. Discourse has not implemented a feature that allows for tracking tags within a specific category, so what you are seeing is the expected behaviour. Tags are intended to cut across categories, so when you watch a tag, it is normal that you will get results from numerous categories.


That’s true and for this reason, we can subscribe for new topics with this tag on the page of this tag, like this one:

But when a user filters topics by category AND tag as in this case I think the user wants to subscribe for topics with this tag not from all categories but only from this specific category.

Does it sound obvious?

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We certainly should correct the UX here to remove the glyph if you are cutting the topics by a category AND a tag.

@vinothkannans can you add to your list, low priority.


If I need this functionality, what’s your opinion - how is it possible to do?

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Unlikely to happen any time soon, way too complex to implement

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May be as a plugin? I mean, is it possible in general?
I saw the “Saved searches” plugin and thought that this could be done on its base. Instead of specific words, the user should choose a category and a tag to watch.

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In a plugin … maybe … it is a very complicated concept to explain to users.

You would need a whole new UI here to explain this, plus tons of internal changes.

This is not on our roadmap for core.


But what if we won’t be doing extra UI and simply make this working:

If I need to change the setting I simply change it on the destination page (not in the Notification preferences). Because if I’m notified and would like to change it, then I always know the destination and can change the setting there.

If you are filtered down to “tips & tricks” and are using “all tags”

  1. We should certainly keep the icon around
  2. We should only change settings on “tips & tricks” categories.

I just tested and this is working correctly.

I agree we should fix the text there, but it is a very minor change. (it should say “new topics in THIS category”.)

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This PR will hide the tag notification menu. I’ll do the copyedit soon.