Domain is not resolvable. How can I fix this?

Hello, I am new to Discourse and look forward to starting my own community.

I have a Plesk installation that controls my domain name servers. My discourse installation will be on a subdomain. I created an A record to my subdomain instead of making a subdomain as that will be too much work and I’ve seen others do it. However, when running the installer script, it says port 80 and 443 are not open but on my main domain, it is open. Can somebody help? Thanks.

My domain:
My subdomain that I will install discourse on:

Image of my record on PLESK:

is the IP address of your droplet?

Ip addresses are not secret. If you wanted it to be secret then you’d not have created an A record telling everyone in the world your IP address.

Yes, that is the correct IP. However, my problem is that port 443 and port 80 are not reachable. Do you have a fix? I’ve also checked the firewall settings.

If you’re sure that you entered as the domain name when you ran discourse-setup you could try ./discourse-setup --skip-connection-test, but it’s a pretty good bet that the test it’s doing is right and it’ll fail after about 10 minutes, especially if it’s digitalocean.

Thanks for your advice, however, how do I open the port? I have been trying to open the port with the UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) that is pre-loaded onto Discourse when I used the one-click install. It seems I just cant get port 80 nor 443 to open. Do you have any tip for that?

It’ll be easier if you’ll do a standard install. Don’t use the one click unless you can get help from whoever wrote it.