First time Discourse installation not showing

Hi all,

New Discourse user/admin here.

I just went through my first installation on a Digital Ocean droplet following the installation instructions provided by on Github.

The Bootstrapping ran without stopping or giving any direct warnings (which I assume is good). However when I now go to my subdomain in a browser it shows a standard Plesk page from my hosting provider where I have my domain registered. I did add the A record in my DNS for the Subdomain.

Any advice on what might be cause this not to work are appreciated.

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Do you have access to your Plesk admin?

I host a Discourse forum along Plesk.

I had to do two things.

  • Configure app.yml to forwards ports:
      - "8060:80" # fwd host port 80 to container port 8060 (http)
      - "9443:443" # fwd host port 443 to container port 9443 (https)
  • Add the following proxy rule in Plesk admin (in which you need to create the subdomain to be able to add the rule):

But I don’t know how your server is configured so this may not work for you.

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If you do a standard install then it would check your DNS when you want discourse-setup. Did you run discourse-setup?

Did you install some images that includes plesk? Installing with plesk is not very easy and requires some extra steps.

I can’t tell if plesk is the problem or if dns isn’t pointing to your droplet.

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Thanks for the insights.

I had to step out for a bit and checked the link on my phone (Safari browser) with the surprise message “Congratulations, you installed Discourse”… I just tried again on Chrome on my laptop to result in getting the default Plesk screen again. I removed 24 hours of cache and now it is showing up on my laptop as well.

I guess it was either that or my DNS just didn’t refresh at the time I was trying.

Thanks again, I will probably be around with more “new user” questions.

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