Don't close profile preview when scrolling or zooming on mobile

The following was done here on meta using iPhone 8 and Safari.

When you click a profile picture to show the preview, scrolling or pinching to zoom closes it. This can be seen here:

Compare that to scrolling and zooming when a picture is popped up, as seen here:

I think ideally you should be able to scroll and zoom when the profile preview is open, just like when a picture is open.

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Any thoughts on this?

This is intentional,

not removing the card on scroll leads to something like this

which is not ideal and not needed for a number of reasons:

  1. the content of the card will never require scrolling. The user / group bio is alway truncated.

  2. the text size in the card follows the font sizes used throughout the UI. If you find that the font size is too small for your liking, there’s a setting in under /my/preferences/interface where you can increase the font size.

  3. unlike opening a picture, where zooming in might sometimes make sense, zooming in on cards doesn’t have much benefit as the card is supposed be a quick summary for the user / group and you can always navigate to the user’s / group page by clicking on relevant sections in the cards.


I don’t see the behavior in the video as a problem personally. That’s actually how I’d prefer it work.

I agree that scrolling is not a use case, but zooming is. Sometimes I’m trying to see more detail about the user’s profile picture, but I can’t since pinching to zoom also closes the popover. It’s not a big deal though.