Don't get registration mail, but smtp server works fine


I would like to install Discource but I have one BIG problem. I didn’t receive a registration email.
I use Elastic Email as an SMTP provider. I check connection (use node application) - credentials are ok and I can send an email.

I’ve checked on two different servers (one on OVH, on my machine - Debians) - both don’t work.
No logs with email.

discource-doctor said that SMTP server connection successful.
In cat shared/standalone/log/rails/production.log I can see Sent mail to (439.1ms)

telnet 2525 says Connected to

Any ideas ?

Did you check your spam folder?

When I first set up Discourse on one of my sites it went to spam because the email was coming from instead of, once I fixed that the emails came through fine.


Yes, I’ve checked spam folder.
The most weird thing is that in Elastic Mail I can’t see, that EM sent message. Sent messages counter is 0 . So Discource didn’t connect to SMTP server, so it could not send a message.

I just noticed your telnet to 2525, did you configure app.yml correctly?


Also, what’s your protocol set to in Elastic Mail?

What does it mean protocol set to in Elastic Mail?

I’ve checked Mailjet - I’ve got message :astonished:

@Corsterix How do you resolve wrong domain ? Uncomment - exec: rails r "SiteSetting.notification_email='noreply@DOMAINl'" ?

I found a solution !

I have server on OVH, which probably block 25 and 2525 port. And another related with SMTP.

When I choose port on 587 everything works !

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