Don't let me pick a sub-category as the parent

I went into the interface thinking it wasn’t possible to have a sub-sub-category. But then the interface let me pick a sub as the parent for my new category! Woo hoo! :tada:

But I got an error on submit :sadpanda:

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been offered subs in the Parent Category dropdown?


You can only nest a Subcategory under 1 parent category; not a Parent\Subcategory.

I can see use cases for this but can also see how it could complicate things as well.

Yes, the design decision to not allow subcategory nesting is clear. What @ganncamp says is that the option shouldn’t be offered, since it won’t be allowed. I agree that this feature request makes sense.

In fact, I ran into this situation recently, after a year or so disconnected of serious Discourse administration. I was creating a category and I saw that a subtask could be selected as parent. For a second I thought “can it be that someone convinced HAWK about nesting subcategories?” :slight_smile: but almost immediately I replied to myself “No way”, and was amused when the “You can’t nest…” dialog appeared. :sweat_smile: