Don't notify me by email when I assign a topic to myself

I have assign mailer enabled selected, and I like the feature! It is super handy that staff get an email as well when they are assigned topics by a colleague. However, when a staff member assigns a topic to themselves, I think it is a bit excessive that they are sent an email. After all, they assigned it to themselves so they know already.


I tend to agree but I bet you there are people who assign stuff to themselves because it sends them a reminder email…

Also, I think it’s kinda consistent to always send that email.

So, after all, perhaps I don’t tend to agree that much?


I hear you. People get used to all sorts of funny workflows, and use their email to maintain a todo list. I do this sometimes myself. Maybe different needs can be accommodated with a personal preference setting or an additional admin setting?

I get complaints on my team all the time about these emails - we are constantly spamming ourselves.

Update - a graphic visualisation of the impact of this in my email inbox after a few hours of work in the forum today. This is typical.


I don’t have an opinion one way or another here, but I can offer a workaround. Create a Gmail filter for mail your Discourse site with the subject tobiaseigen assigned you to and have the email automatically deleted. I do exactly that for email I get here on Meta - our ticket system uses PMs which creates lots of emails. Here’s the filter I use, and what my trash looks like (that would be my inbox if I didn’t delete them):