No email on assignment

There is no email notification for assignees (discourse-assign plugin). No any useful messages in log file. Double checked on beta14+99, two cases: case 1 - forum working from root folder; case 2 - forum working from subfolder.

There is no email notification on assignment, and never has been…

Sorry for my failure, I followed this message and I was sure that emailing was supported by the plugin.

@codinghorror, Would I expect that emailing will be supported in near future?

Nope, not planned at the moment, would have to be a community contribution, default off


Hi, we’ve made some improvements to the plugin, now it can send email notification on assignment. We left unassignment workflow untouched. Team, could you accept the PR, please?

Mail example:

@user assigned you to a discussion
     Topic excerpt

link to topic

OK This is now merged in, big thanks @Ivan_Rapekas !