How to prevent content being included in email notifications and activity summary

We are evaluating Discourse and have a question regarding content being sent in notification emails
and how to guarantee that no content will be included in notification emails or activity summary.

Our requirement states that email notifications can only include the name of the poster, the category
and topic number. We’ve verified that this works as expected. Additionally, no content can be included in any summary emails.

But, it appears that in the user Preferences->Email menu there is a box under “Include previous replies at the bottom of emails” that allows the user to choose to do this. We don’t want the user to be able to have an option to do this. Additionally, there is a checkbox “Include an excerpt of replied to post in emails”. We also do not want the user to be able to choose this.

Under Activity Summary, there is a check box “include content from new users in summary emails”. I’ve read on other posts that if new users are setup at trust level 1 or higher, they are not considered new users, so then content will never be in summary emails. Is this accurate ? Is there a way to invite a user and set the trust level to 1, or does it automatically default to 0 ?

Are there any admin configurations that could be used to globally prevent any content to be included
in any notification emails or activity summaries ?

Take a look at the private email setting

Don’t include content from posts or topics in email title or email body. NOTE: also disables digest emails.

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