Keyboard shortcut to start editing topic titles and categories

(Jan P.) #1

I as a moderator that has to clean up quite some topic titles would appreciate it if there was a keyboard shortcut to start editing topic titles and categories.

(I created a topic about that before, but it included also the request to save titles with Ctrl + Enter, and after that functionality was implemented the topic was closed: Keyboard shortcut for saving edited topic titles - no hard feelings, just an explanation for this additional topic)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I would use the existing edit keyboard shortcut for this.

(Jan P.) #3

And which one is that? “Keyboard shortcuts” modal doesn’t list any “edit topic” or “edit title” shortcuts.

(cpradio) #4

When at the top of the topic, press j then press e

That should edit the first post.

(Jan P.) #5

As I am almost never initially at the top of the topic, I think I will have to k several times to get to the first post, then press e. Or is there a better way?

(Unfortunately then there is no way (I found) to go to the input field for the title in a fast keyboard based way, so I created [Tab] should work after "edit title" or using hotkeys)

(cpradio) #6

Press the Home key before using j or k

That seems legit. It doesn’t focus on the input fields for me either (which is also true when clicking on the edit icon on a post – nothing gets focused for input).

Double clicking topic title could automatically open them to edit
(Jan P.) #7

Ahh, Pos1 on my German keyboard :slight_smile:

Thanks, this improves that workflow: Home -> j -> e

(Jan P.) #8

(Nice side effect I just noticed: Ctrl + Enter already works then to save the edits)