Keyboard shortcut to start editing topic titles and categories

I as a moderator that has to clean up quite some topic titles would appreciate it if there was a keyboard shortcut to start editing topic titles and categories.

(I created a topic about that before, but it included also the request to save titles with Ctrl + Enter, and after that functionality was implemented the topic was closed: Keyboard shortcut for saving edited topic titles - no hard feelings, just an explanation for this additional topic)

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I would use the existing edit keyboard shortcut for this.

And which one is that? “Keyboard shortcuts” modal doesn’t list any “edit topic” or “edit title” shortcuts.

When at the top of the topic, press j then press e

That should edit the first post.


As I am almost never initially at the top of the topic, I think I will have to k several times to get to the first post, then press e. Or is there a better way?

(Unfortunately then there is no way (I found) to go to the input field for the title in a fast keyboard based way, so I created [Tab] should work after "edit title" or using hotkeys)

Press the Home key before using j or k

That seems legit. It doesn’t focus on the input fields for me either (which is also true when clicking on the edit icon on a post – nothing gets focused for input).

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Ahh, Pos1 on my German keyboard :slight_smile:

Thanks, this improves that workflow: Home -> j -> e


(Nice side effect I just noticed: Ctrl + Enter already works then to save the edits)

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