Doubt about category and sub-category


I have a question related to the edition of categories.

In my community, we start with a category, and a sub-category.

We have: -> slug: #category-main -> slug: #category-main:secondary

Everything works spectacular.

That is, there are debates where the main category is mentioned: #category-main
And there are debates where the sub-category is mentioned like this: #category-main:secondary

Now, the subcategory has grown and wants to be independent.
I know I could edit it, and put it as main.

My doubt about it is about the messages that mention the subcategory that would now be independent. Are they automatically changed or is some type of redirection activated?

I refer to the discussions where it is mentioned: #category-main:secondary should now become #secondary and redirect to :question:

Will it be like that?

If you rename a category a permalink is created to redirect the old url to the new one.


Discourse rulez :allthethings:

Thanks @pfaffman !