Should permalinks be created when a category's parent is removed?

I client removed a category’s parent, so /c/parent/my-name became /c/my-name. They were confused why links to the category no longer worked. I went and added a permalink for /c/parent/my-name, but I thought that this would have been created automatically. I’m pretty sure that happens when a category is renamed, why not in this case?

Note: this is a subfolder install, but it didn’t appear to me that it was sub-folder related. (The above URLs have /community prepended on the site).

I am very much on the fence here. On the fence on the original magic, and on the fence on the proposed new magic.

I guess we should create an extra permalink if you take a subcategory and re-home it as parent category. We then would need to remove this weird permalink if you change your mind and move it back to the original parent.

Also you would be opting for lots of weird if you have a #support subcategory underneath multiple parents and move stuff around.

Overall, my vote here is for less magic please.


I am not voting, but a real live user was confused when his old URL didn’t work. I was confused that renaming makes a permalink but re-parenting doesn’t.

It does seem like there are a bunch of edge cases with lots of re-parenting.

Oh. This could be good enough and easy to do, maybe just give a warning when a parent change is made. “Dude. You just changed the URL for this category. If you want the old URL to work, you’d better learn about permalinks.”