Downgrade to stable?

(Michael Downey) #1

If a site changes from tests-passed to stable, is the app’s code base downgraded, or is it more like Chromium OS and you have to wait for stable to “catch up” to where you are?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Downgrading is not supported and not recommended, it can lead to a completely broken site.

Rebuild error - color_schemes.versioned_id does not exist
(Michael Downey) #3

I may have used the wrong terminology … for lack of a better term, “move from tests-passed to stable” … looking for the recommended path. I saw in previous topics changing the config file, but we were concerned about what would happen after that change. (Maybe nothing until there’s a new stable version?)

(Sam Saffron) #4

To move between channels you got to ensure you are running forward.

So… you are safe to move to “tests-passed” to “stable” just as we release a new “stable” release.

Meaning, if you are on “tests-passed” now, all you can do is move to “beta” next time we cut a beta.

Process for moving channels is the same…

  1. Stop upgrading Discourse
  2. Wait for a new release on channel
  3. Amend app.yml to point at channel
  4. Rebuild

We cut new betas weekly, so its easy to get on that train. To get on stable you are going to have to wait 4 months

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