Switch from beta to stable releases

When I initially installed Discourse I got Discourse 2.4.0 beta 2, I think. Then beta 3.

I’d like to get to the stable releases instead of the beta versions.

I‘m aware that it’s probably not a good idea to go from a 2.4.0 beta „back“ to a stable 2.3.0 version and I assume there is no stable 2.4.0 yet. But once 2.4.0 (stable) is out, how can I switch to it and make sure I’m not prompted to update to a beta but only install stable releases?

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You can search and get some information (like Question with switching to stable version), but you might not really want stable, and if you do, you’ll need to wait until stable catches up with the version you have running now.

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Is the expectation that most people will run beta? I’d have expected to want to run stable by default to decrease my risk of running into undiscovered bugs.

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The expectation is that most people will run tests-passed, as that is the default. The solution to virtually every bug is to upgrade, and if you’re on beta or stable then it’ll be weeks or months before you can upgrade to the new version. It’s safest to run tests-passed as you’re doing now.

That’s incorrect - bugs are fixed on stable as well: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/commits/stable
And because there are (almost) no new features, there are virtually no new bugs being introduced.

But the question wasn’t if, it was how:

Wait until 2.4.0 is out and then find the line #version: tests-passed in your app.yml , change it to version: stable , and rebuild.
(don’t forget to remove the # as well)


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