Download result of queries into Google Spreadsheet

Hey there,

This plugin is pretty amazing.

I was wondering if there was a way to download the result of the queries in a Google Spreadsheet?
We use primarly Data Studio for our reporting/dashboards and having a way to automatically update our Google Spreadsheet would be particularly useful.


When you do a query, you see this:


The button that says “CSV” will let you download a CSV file, which you can use with any spreadsheet.


Oh I know :slight_smile: But what I’m looking for would be for the data to be automatically put in a Google Spreadsheet (instead of me downloading the CSV, opening it, copying the data over,…)

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Not something I have tried yet but you could technically use zapier making an api call to the data explorer plugin and have the data feed into Google sheets


How would I do that API call? I didn’t see anything here or on Discourse API Docs ?
Thanks a lot!

Read the next few posts more info in there

Tried that but I get a “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”.
Will try to find more with the Network tab, but if anybody has more details (or easier how-to) feel free to share :slight_smile:

Are you also providing the user credentials through an API key?


@Jp_Robotshop Did you manage to get it to work

I have just tested it and was able to send through a POST request to DOMAIN/admin/plugins/explorer/queries/18/run

Make sure you are sending your api_key and api_username through the form data and it should return your data ok.


We now have a dedicated guide for the Data Explorer API: