Downloading watched words for auto-tagging does not export matching tags

I have a few watch words set up to be auto-tagged.

In the UI for this feature there is a ‘Download’ button which produces a list of the watched words, but not the mapping to tags.

Relatedly, as far as I can tell there is no documentation for the appropriate format for the “Add from file” button.

I wonder if the download should be a csv file with two columns: “word” and “tags”? Tags could be comma or semicolon separated.

It would be ideal if the download format matched the upload format — that way it’s at least partially auto-documenting.

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This sounds like a bit of an oversight, @zogstrip maybe we should assign this out?


@nbianca can you add that to your list?

We improved watched word imports and exports by switching to CSV format. This allows having two columns, one for the word and the other one for the tags.


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