"Add from file" for Watched Word tagging

This doesn’t seem to be working at all.

I was wondering if I could upload, similar to when we upload tags. So in this case, the CSV would be:

Hello World,Hello-World

File uploads successfully, but no words are added.


Hi @ncaming215 :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay in testing this one out. I’ve given it a go on my test site and I also cannot seem to get the bulk upload to accept my tagged Watched Words.

My (very basic) step-by-step:

  • Create csv with watched words and tags (format dog,dog-tag)
  • Upload to Tag section of Watched Words using ‘Add from file’
  • Modal says 'Upload successful. Words have been added.`, but no Watched Words have been added

I tried both with new tags as well as existing ones, as well as a txt file in case that made a difference, but the result was the same.

The other dual Watched Words seem to work as expected (Replace and Link).


Thanks for confirming! Yeah, I painstakingly added over a hundred Watched Words, but since they’ll change annually, any fix to this would be widely appreciated. :slight_smile:

text one,existing-tag-1
text two,new-tag
text three,existing-tag-2

I think this issue is happening only when the replacement tag is not exists. If I upload the csv file with the above content then it adds “text one,existing-tag-1” and “text three,existing-tag-2” but skipping the second one. It doesn’t raise any errors and adds the watched words successfully if the all the tags in file are already available.

I will push a change to create tags if not exists.