Drafting outside of a slow-mode post then trying to post results in an error message, then going back allows you to post

Hello. I have noticed a bug with the slow-mode topic Comment Frenzy - #3057 by Waqi_20 - Not Terraria Related - Dark Gaming.
Description: When typing in a post, exiting out of the topic you are currently in, and then clicking the post button, it will say that the topic is in slow mode when I have not posted recently on that topic. When going back, and posting it, it will then post. I knew this bug from before, but I have decided to post it here because this is a Discourse issue, and because of this:


Can you confirm that your last post in the topic was < 15 minutes ago? It looks like the last post to the topic was 10h ago.

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The post before the one I made was the following:

There was no post in the < 15 min frame