Drafts and multiple platforms – love it!


I actually noticed this the other day. I started writing a message on desktop, but soon realized I’d have to draw a small diagram and include it to the message. I drew the diagram on paper, switched to mobile, took a pic, uploaded it to the message draft, and then continued writing on desktop. This functionality is amazing! Really helps my idea workflow, which still uses a lot of paper :slight_smile:

(Rob Nicholson) #2

Yes I noticed this feature before and was impressed how persistent my draft message are - even on the same device. I’ve taken the time to write some long technical support posts too many times to have them lost on posting with “Page not found” or some other unhelpful error (you listening Lenovo?)

It needs some work though. Firstly, it’s not obvious as I’m writing this particular post that the draft has been saved. Yes if I pause typing “Saved” appears briefly in a light font at the bottom (not sure how effective/spottable that is on a mobile) but because it disappears it’s easy to miss/not be sure whether the draft is saved. So make “Draft saved” sticky plus also maybe add a manual “Save draft” button?

If you want to encourage typing one reply to multiple posts and coming back later to carry on, the draft system needs some further thought. For example, what happens if I close the browser now?

Later… okay, that wasn’t as easy as it could be. Upon re-launching this site, there was no obvious indication that there was a draft anywhere. I had to look down the list of recent topics, find this topic and open it - then the draft appeared (BTW - I still don’t trust it so had copied & pasted this message into Notepad++ before I closed the browser).

Would suggest a “Draft (1)” on the header? And yes, might need to be able to handle more than one draft.