Drag'n drop cause crash browser tab

Thank you for your hospitality :slight_smile:

This problem only occurred to me. There is no such problem on other Discourse forums.

Nothing appears in the error log, the web page crashes before the image is uploaded to the site.

I have successfully uploaded the image to the site in Firefox and there is nothing in the Discourse error log either. I tried uploading files to the site In safe mode without plugins and themes, but the tab still crashes.

I checked on three browsers with the Chromium engine and this problem occurs everywhere. So I tried to run Chrome in debug mode and this is what is written in the logs


[15000:9236:0121/190159.718:ERROR:render_process_host_impl.cc(5167)] Terminating render process for bad Mojo message: Received bad user message: File System Access access from Unsecure Origin
[15000:9236:0121/190159.718:ERROR:bad_message.cc(29)] Terminating renderer for bad IPC message, reason 123

I’m starting to give up because I can’t find anything useful in the logs. Maybe someone can help. Thanks.