Duplicate Content

I was wondering the same thing about duplicate synchronized WP/Discourse content from this topic: https://meta.discourse.org/t/risk-of-duplicate-content-with-synchronized-wp-posts-discourse-topics/91737

But it got closed by Jeff Atwood saying there are already existing topics. I couldn’t find any topics that addressed this question. Please advise.

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I searched before posting and I didn’t find any either, a bit confused. Maybe I didn’t use the right keywords?

It’s been brought up a few times, but I don’t think there is a topic dedicated to it. There is a topic on Feverbee that I contributed to: Is it possible for the feverbee blog posts to be pulled in full? - Forum Support - FeverBee Experts. It is possible to set the Canonical URL of a WordPress post so that it matches the Discourse topic. Beyond that, I don’t think there is anything the plugin can do about the duplicate content issue.

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Covered here: Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript


Maybe one year later: is there any other solution for the duplicate content issue?

Like add a canonical url in the discourse forum post or no-index the forum post.


Maybe 9 months later: this is something that keeps coming up with us too. We started posting only the excerpt to Discourse, but our members don’t like to be bounced back to the site to read the full article.

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Well, you can’t have it both ways, so I’m not sure what you’re proposing here.

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My proposal would be to offer some flexibility, so there is a choice of what type of community to make without getting dinged by Google for duplicate content:

  • Give members of a blog that uses Discourse the full privilege of reading and responding to an article on Discourse.
  • Make Discourse the ‘clubhouse’ that only shows an excerpt of the article. This does not require a canonical url set to the blogpost.

The first option would require a canonical url pointing to the blogpost that is not on Discourse. The easiest way to offer this flexibility imho is an option to set the canonical url for a topic.

Yes, this is a thing. Google don’t like duplicate copies of articles.

Your options here seem pretty simple:

  • post excerpts
  • post full articles to categories which aren’t visible to anonymous (you could substitute everyone with TL0)
  • post dupes and get dinged


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An embed set canonical url site setting was recently added to Discourse. When this setting is enabled, the canonical URL for topics that have an embed URL will be set to the topic’s embed URL. For sites using the WP Discourse plugin, enabling this setting will cause the canonical URL of any posts published from WordPress to be set to the WordPress post’s URL.


This turned out to work great. It was just not obvious to me how to create a topic with a canonical URL. After some experimentation I found out you have to enter the original URL as topic title.