Copying Discourse posts to Wordpress?

We have a kind of local community contest where winning posts get posted on a WordPress blog.

Is there a way to automate copying a Discourse post to WordPress?
Or any suggestions on how someone would go ahead with such a thing?

Because currently we just copy posts manually, which is annoying and time-consuming.

Here’s a quick recipe I’ve used:

You could also move content into a special winning category, and use that categories RSS.

But how would one deal with specific plugin options?
Like when copying the post, we are adding a canonical option to the post, so it always refers to the original Discourse post And we are linking WordPress post with Discourse, to show original comments, and other options.

How would one automate plugin options like this?

This sounds really complicated. Why are you cross-posting to WordPress, but keeping the canonical URL pointed at the Discourse topic? It would be vastly easier to just link to the Discourse topic in a WordPress blog post.

For SEO, so we avoid duplicate content from showing up in search engines.