Duplicate displayed users


I have recently updated my Discourse instance to 3.0.4 version

When I leave the browser tab open without any interaction, I notice that the number of online users is updating but it is not correct and the avatars are duplicated (same users many times).

Also, when i refresh the page, most of the users disappear as they are no more online.

Any help ?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, iā€™m having the same issue !

There were some changes to that side very recently. It may be fixed oh the current release.


@pfaffman Thank you for your answer, you mean that there will be a new release of the plugin to fix that ? or it will be fixed on a new release of Discourse ?

Hmm. I must be remembering something different. The most recent release was 2 weeks ago.

Any update about this ?

You have upgraded discourse recently and still have this problem?

Do you have a standard install? Is redis working?