Add tags with capital letters

(Jiaqi Li) #1

Hi there,

I want to know it that possible to add tags with capital letters?

I notice that although I type the tags with capital letters for example “CEO messages” but it automatically becomes lowercase letters “ceo messages”. However, for these proper nouns such as CEO, CFO, COO etc., I have to use capital letter.

Could anyone kindly tell me what to do?

Thanks a lot :grinning:


I could be wrong but I don’t think tags are case sensitive so it doesn’t really matter if you use upper or lower case letters. This is the same way email addresses or URL’s are not case sensitive.

(Mittineague) #3

For persnickety folk such as myself, it is irksome to see only lowercase.

The good news is that for most it isn’t a problem at all. eg. we have

  • css - not CSS
  • git - not Git
  • html - not HTML
  • javascript - not JavaScript
  • jquery - not jQuery
  • php - not PHP
  • xml - not XML

It hasn’t stopped members from using the tags, and I’ve yet to hear any complaints.

(James Cook) #4

I tried to use tags with uppercase such as ‘BMW’ and it seems really buggy, with the tag not even being found at times. Also the order of the tags is weird. Some of them are alphabetical, others aren’t. I created them in alphabetical order so it shouldn’t be down to their ids.


My installation had got into a very weird state with Tags. I went into Rails console and destroyed all Tags from there and behaviour seems to be back to normal. Will report back if it changes again.