Duplicated daily backup file on S3

I noticed strange backup behaviour after updating to 2.8.0.beta4 (53082e011a)

Instead of one backup file per day there are actually two backup files, created less than a minute apart. This effectively halves the number of days of protection.

Backup is configured for S3. Manual backup creates a single file, as expected.

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I was watching this because I have a bunch of sites backing up to S3. But I just noticed that I’m seeing this behavior on a site running 2.7.0.beta9. And I don’t have any explanation for that.

I don’t suppose you’re using Digital Ocean Spaces, are you?

And a manual backup to AMS3 just failed with

 [2021-07-28 21:03:03] EXCEPTION: This multipart completion is already in progress

but there’s already a backup there.

I am soon going to re-double my efforts to get everytrhing everything off of Spaces.


Also running 2.8.0.beta4 here but am not seeing this issue :thinking:

Discourse running on a regular DO Droplet and backing up to a AWS S3 bucket.

My settings are:

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Yes. And I checked today’s backup and there is only one.

This looks more and more like a DO Spaces issue, what logs should I be looking at?

This started happening to me a few days ago. I’m on 2.8.0.beta4 and I’ll upgrade to 2.8.0.beta6 later this week to see if that helps. I’m also using DigitalOcean spaces.

One interesting thing is that half my backups include the uploads and thumbnails and the other half do not. I was previously including the uploads and thumbnails but I decided to back those up separately using linux commands (i.e., rsync).

The fact that there are two backups on September 12 is not surprising - I created the second one manually after changing the settings to exclude the uploads and thumbnails. But there should not be two backups on September 13 or 14, and it should only be the backup without images.

Wait, sorry, I think the problem may be on my end. Whoops… I’ll give an update later today.

I was working on creating a warm backup for my Discourse instance and I forgot to disable backups on my warm backup… So both my hot instance and my warm instance were creating backups, thus two backups for each day. My bad…

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