Dynamic replace string to another


I just installed Discourse, and now it’s time to migrate from anciant forum.

Previous forum had feature I have to add to Discourse.
Is it possible ? :

When a pattern of string is found into a message, string is dynamicly replaced with a link.
“You can see on page x” will be replaced by "You can see on <A href="page.php?id=x">page x</a>"
A regex will do that. But where to place it ?

An idea ?
Replace in tables with a batch is not a solution. It must be automaticly when displayed.

Sorry for my poor english…

Many thanks for help

You can do this with a plugin.

I have not found the good keywords to find the plugin (poor english :kissing_closed_eyes: )
Any idea about plugin name ?
Many thanks

Plugin Tutorial #1 - How to manipulate the text in the composer? is a good place to start.

https://meta.discourse.org/t/doi-resolver-updated/38920 would be an excellent example of it weren’t broken.

If you have a budget you can post in #marketplace.