How to replace text in the composer?

Hi all,

I have a very simple question, but I can’t find the answer anywhere.
I want to create custom BBcode without a closing tag, how do I do that?

Thanks to this topic I already figured out how to replace [something]something else[/something] with html code.

But now I would like to find out how to just replace [something]. For instance, I would like to know how to replace [br] with <br>. Or just any substring (not containing a closing tag) with something else. I already looked at the source of the discourse-bbcode plugin, but every bbcode in that plugin has a closing tag.

Basically I am looking for something like this:

But then something that still works.
Can someone help me or point me in the right direction?

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One feature request that keeps coming up is a “substitute / replace” section in Admin → Logs → Watched Words.

I still think we should do this @sam and @eviltrout though it could be a 2.7 or beyond thing.


That would be really great, as long as the replacement allows HTML :smiley:

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For 2.7 I did slot linked words, we can surely add this as well while at it… will add to the release.