Dynamically display a group's members in a topic

Would there be any way, existing or not, to display the members of a group within a topic? There’s a few cases where this would be useful for us, ex: creating a staff list that can be shared as a published page, showing the members in an event group within the event topic, and more.

Wanted to throw the idea out there incase it’s already been implemented or if it’d be useful for other people, too. Thanks!


If you @ mention the group, you can click it and it will show a “user card” with the list of members (up to a limit), click again and it goes to the Group page with the complete list - that not good enough?


It’s not that that wouldn’t work, but what I’m looking for is something that displays that information in less clicks and in different combinations.

I’ll use our staff list as an example: we have ~6 different groups that make up the different roles within our staff. Currently, our staff list is pulled/displayed from a different, combined group that all staff are a part of, ex: site/u?group=staff-all

What we’d like to do, however, is to break our staff list up into the ~6 different sub-groups and put each one into sections on a page with further formatting/text. The ability to display a group within a topic would allow us to implement this as a published page. I do realize there’s probably not an ootb solution to this idea :sweat_smile: