Make group memberships publicly visible in user profile

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Short question (seems like something others would have already discussed but I saw no related posts :sweat_smile:): Is there a setting to allow any user to see, in another user profile, which groups that other user is part of?

For example, in my case, the forum is divided in “spaces”, in which only their members have the right to publish into. But users of other spaces could be invited to other spaces. The distinction between the member and the invitee is important, since this is a structure political parties will be using, and it’s important for the users to be able to tell, upon a user’s claim, if he is indeed a member or an invitee.

Is such a setting available?

Thank you very much in advance for any tip! :slight_smile:

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I think the are by default? For example from a Discourse team member here:

You may also find this feature useful:


Hi Matthew!!

Thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile:

I verified that a basic user can indeed see that list, thank you very much for pointing that out! I totally missed that at first.
I was also scratching my head on how to allow a user to see the full list, and it was only by inspecting the html code that I realised that the tree dots at the right of the truncated list are clicable! I’m going to make that more clear for the users.

Thank you very much again! :slight_smile:

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Oh! Sorry! about the link you kindly provided: I’m using that feature to put a “verified user” badge on peoples avatars, it’s awesome :smiley:

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